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Anhui Botro Racking Manufacturer Co,Ltd is located in the south road area a garden,industrial park,chajian town,tianchang city,anhui province.And sales center is located in nanjing city jiangsu province.

The factory's production area covers an area of 17,000 square meters, with a total registered capital of 22 million, specializing in boltless shelving、longspan shelving、 heavy duty pallet beam racks, cantilever racks, drive in racks, mezzanine floor racks 、 steel platforms and Product and sale a variety of warehousing logistics dedicated station equipment. The certifications we have obtained include: ISO9001 quality system certification, CE international product safety certification, BV international enterprise qualification certification, and SGS international export enterprise qualification certification. After years of development, our company has successfully served thousands of domestic customers, and our products have been exported to more than 30 countries around the world and have won unanimous praise.


COMPANY:Anhui Botro Racking Manufacture Co., Ltd.


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Add:South end of Industrial Avenue, industrial park, branching Town, Tianchang, Anhui