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Basic Method and Procedure for Measuring the Size of Small and Medium Warehouses

Before the measurement, the shelf factory should contact the customers to confirm whether the warehouse site is qualified for measurement, whether the walls around the warehouse are good, whether the ground is flat, whether the doors and windows have been located and opened, etc.

Before measurement, according to the actual situation of the warehouse, draw a sketch, and mark the items that may affect the shelf, such as water pipes, fire hydrants, doors, windows and so on. Measuring the total dimensions of the length, width and height around the warehouse with a range finder. If it can not be measured at one time, it can be measured and superimposed several times. For rectangular warehouses, when the total length difference between the walls at both ends of the warehouse is less than 20 mm, the minimum value can be chosen as the measuring length. When the difference is greater than 5 mm and less than 10 mm, it is suggested to measure the total length of the wall at both ends of the warehouse and to measure the total length again at the left and right position in the middle of the warehouse to reduce the error. The following is the legend:


The warehouse size A on the left side is 80 mm less than C on the right side, and a B in the middle position is used to reduce errors. Others directly use the minimum size A as the warehouse size, which I think can not reflect the warehouse situation more accurately.

When there are many items in the warehouse that may affect the shelf, the sectional measurement can be used. At the same time, the error between the measured values and the total length should be less than 20 mm. The following is the legend:


In the figure {Z-(A+B+C+D+E+F+G)} is less than 2. If it is greater than 2, it is suggested to re-measure and reduce the error.

In the measurement of warehouse size, it is necessary to ensure that each item that may affect the shelf is measured too long, wide, high and the corresponding position of the item in the warehouse, so as to ensure the accuracy of the shelf design and reduce the problem of site impact in the later stage of shelf installation.


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