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That determine the price of shelves at ten o 'clock

With the rising demand for warehousing this in all walks of life, purchasing shelves of enterprises more and more, which is certainly the most care about the price, baode dragon shelves today to tell you about what will affect the price of goods shelves!

1, the shelves of structure:

Light warehouse shelf price is different also, racking structure firmware is the column, beam and floor plate, the thickness of the plate is the determinant of shelf prices and specifications.

2, the shelves of specifications:

Layer board up and down regulation of small spacing is 50 mm, more depth direction is commonly 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm, the width of a single set of shelves are common between 600 ~ 2000, highly depends on the warehouse height.

3, the shelf bearing requirements:

Shelves of the load bearing is generally each layer layer standard weight 500 kg goods must generally on a layer of layer board or beam, so the shelf bearing is each layer of the layer board or the standard bear weight of the beam.

4, warehouse shelves factory location:

Storage shelf manufacturer is located, local taxes, factory rent, and the goods during transportation costs of these are lightweight storage shelves in the production process of hidden costs.

5, storage shelves of the freight

Storage shelves transportation are generally choose the logistics, the closer distance freight will be low, but not to consider when purchasing storage shelves must choose the nearest factory, because the freight is often constitute only a small part of storage shelves of the total value of the design and quality is the determinants of price of storage shelves.

6, storage shelves, delivery and completion date

If storage shelves manufacturers of normal delivery date and completion date can't meet customer demand, customer project is more urgent, hope to be able to finish the program in a shorter period of time, so inevitably project is rising, the manufacturers need to reconfigure all aspects of the resources to guarantee the delivery and completion time, storage shelves the price will be increased.

7, storage shelves, installation is difficult

Install difficulty mainly embodied in the artificial cost and time cost. Some of the larger storage shelves need artificial project installation is complete and certainly is quite high. The small number of simple: it takes to install storage shelves project labor and time cost is less.

8, storage shelves manufacturers to provide services

Have services and services, general services and high quality service, the price must be different also. Believe most of the customers are more willing to spend a little money to get a better pre-sale post-sale service, rather than save money for later use and maintenance.

9, storage shelves, the market demand

Storage shelves market demand, the demand when prices higher nature; When supply exceeds demand, weak consumer spending overproduction, shelf company competition is intense, between the price lower

10, the national tax revenue

Height adjustment tax in our country and the market price is one of the most important influencing factors.

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