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Do you know the difference between warehouse storage rack at home and abroad

The storage rack factory is a storage equipment that integrates storage. It can not only solve the storage problem of goods, but also make full use of space and improve storage efficiency. Therefore, storage shelves are a necessity for warehouse demanders. With the full recovery of the Chinese economy, more and more products are being introduced to the world. Of course, including storage racks, let Botro Racking show everyone three differences!



1. Different structural planning

In the United States, all columns have many welding conditions. Although this will lead to increased transportation costs, on the other hand, the pillars do not need to be assembled on site, which also saves a lot of human capital.


Another difference in column planning is that Americans value practicality over aesthetics. When the shelf column load is large, the planner of the American shelf factory will weld a column or rectangular tube to the bottom of the larger column to increase the bearing capacity of the column. In our country, such a situation is usually not easily accepted by customers, because we all like the whole pillar up and down. The pursuit of aesthetic effects is to waste a lot of steel. The top of the shelf does not need such a large cross section, because the load type of the top column is very small.


2. Shelf appearance differences

In China, almost all the appearance of the shelves is electrostatic spraying, while some companies in the United States choose surface-treated baking paint.


3.3.Highly standardized

In the United States and Canada, almost all shelf passes are universal, which greatly facilitates the use of customers and the purchase of accessories, which means that almost all accessories are universal. There are many warehouse and shelf manufacturers in China. Many companies have different passports, which cannot be matched. The matching function still needs to be improved.


As mentioned above, there is no big gap in quality and production between domestic shelves and foreign shelves. Foreign shelves pay more attention to details processing than domestic shelves. In fact, in recent years, China's storage shelves have made significant progress. and they have done a lot of details, they can inevitably be exported abroad.

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