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The Advantage Of Mould Rack

As more and more enterprises have more requirements for load bearing and stability, many customers have begun to pay attention to mold shelves, also called Drawer shelves. The advantages of this type of products have become increasingly prominent. Botro Racking to let everyone to understand the advantages of the mold shelf:


The first advantage of mold shelves is the positioning device

When loading and unloading goods, it will inevitably cause shelf shaking, especially when accessing heavy-weight goods, ordinary shelves will shake back and forth, easily causing the risk of shelf collapse and tilt; the positioning device of the mold shelf is well solved With this problem, the mold can be fixed in one place to ensure the stability of the shelf when loading and unloading goods, and can well protect the safety of workers.


The second advantage of mold shelves is that it is very convenient when accessing goods

The top of each shelf of the mold shelf has an independent lifting mold device, which is also a ten-skating track. Its main purpose is to facilitate the access of the entire cargo, especially when accessing some heavy cargo, using the lifting method Not only can reduce the staff's troubles, but more importantly, it greatly reduces the danger.


Another advantage of mold shelves is that it is easy to operate

The mold shelf continues most of the characteristics of the shelf, which is very convenient for disassembly and assembly. When the warehouse is switched or cleaned, the mold shelf can complete the disassembly work in a short time and be quickly assembled on the next occasion. Operation, while also providing shelf utilization efficiency.



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