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Multiple uses and advantages of combined attic shelves

Now the attic shelves are combined, including the beam attic, cantilever attic, they have those uses and advantages, let's introduce the following:

I: Beam-type attic

Beam-type attic shelves are designed according to the different placing requirements of customers and the various product specifications. They are mainly divided into light and medium-sized goods and heavy goods. Generally, heavy goods are not easy to handle. So when we design attic, we design the bottom as beam-type shelves and share columns with attic. Light and medium-sized goods can be transported to the attic through artificial or lifting platforms, forming a dual-purpose innovative design. It should be noted that the crossbeam rack should be used with forklift trucks at ordinary times, and the bottom pillar is the support pillar of the whole rack, so we should be more careful when we operate forklift trucks or other transport equipment (employees who operate forklift trucks must be certified to work, with many years of forklift experience as the best), avoid damage to the rack caused by collision, reduce later maintenance costs, and protect employees'lives. Safety.

Heavy-duty transverse beam loft shelves installed

2. Cantilever attic

This is a specially developed loft cantilever rack, which retains the advantages of the cantilever rack and combines the characteristics of the loft platform.

The loft platform is composed of double columns and external and internal beams. The cantilever is installed on the column group to reach the space of two-storey cantilever rack. It is suitable for storing long materials, annular materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. This design not only reduces the cost, but also has a good fixed effect on the overall stability, which effectively avoids the shaking of the upper layer during operation.

Cantilever Loft Shelf in Service

Mezzanine shelves have more flexibility, including supporting columns, floor slabs, stairs, etc. Mezzanine shelves can be designed and used according to the different needs of customers.

Advantages of combined attic shelves:

1. Full-assembled structure, easy to assemble, install and disassemble.

2. Optimizing the material cross-section of column, main beam and auxiliary beam, with strong bearing capacity.

3. The surface is treated by electrostatic powder spraying, and the appearance is beautiful.

4. It can be flexibly designed into two or more stories according to the actual site needs.

5. Suitable for storing more varieties, less batches of goods and making full use of space.

6. The lower layer is the form of shelf, and the upper layer can be platform or shelf structure.

7. The bottom shelf can store materials and support the floor, which is very flexible.


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