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More than 500 kg of goods to choose what kind of shelf

Shelves of carrying capacity is the most important factor, ACTS as a warehouse with steel storage equipment, not only need to install, more goods should meet or exceed the total weight of carrying the ability to work, there are a lot of customers are asked small make up, their products are much heavier can reach more than 500 kg, let baode dragon shelves under the belt you know encountered this kind of circumstance should choose what kind of shelf products?

In fact usually 500 kg can be directly recommend heavy shelves, actually otherwise, in the usual service of the load ability to work in warehouse shelves, is one of our often design custom-made service. Each pallet, 500 kg, this kind of goods if no other rules, heavy-duty storage shelves can basically meet the needs of customers.

The bearing the weight of heavy warehouse shelves is starting from 500 kg. In fact, 1 ~ 3 tons of warehouse shelves we often to do for the customer. But can load 500 kg and similar capacity of warehouse shelves can be not only heavy-duty storage shelves, and although some products all meet the load, but with other properties limited, such other warehouse shelf is not the best choice, for example, some manufacturers of the total number of goods of various categories are much more special, bulk storage development trend is obvious. Based on this kind of demand, we suggest the through type shelves or shuttle customization assembly use. Finally actually choose what, also depends on other factors taken into account.

Tube is 500 or 1000 or 3000 kg, as long as it is on the basis of goods, warehouse and other related factors to scientific and precise design, precise manufacturing assembly, we will be able to meet customer demand inventory, let warehouse shelves work best features, make the high quality of storage to the rapid development of business owners boost.


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