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Note that these heavy shelves design!

As each type of enterprise is more and more diversified demand for storage space, heavy shelves became one of the most widely used one of the shelves, here are the baode dragon shelves to tell you when heavy shelves design should pay special attention to these aspects:

1, planning according to: heavy shelves planning and demand with reference to the dimensions of the storehouse, pallet size and weight of the goods, other factors, such as forklift lifting height to clear, shelf beam length according to pallet specification confirm; Goods shelves each layer of the bearing according to + pallet weight confirmation; Shelves layers according to the available warehouse clearance confirmation; Shelves can use clear height and height according to the warehouse forklift higher level confirmation, etc.

2, each layer tray number: heavy shelves mainly consisted of two beams to carry, the bar is too long will decline shelves force, if necessary also choose thicker material, the increased capital in a certain extent, therefore, put a layer of beams 2 ~ 3 tray is more reasonable, and common is planning to put on each floor two tray, tray 10 cm intervals between the tray and empty, empty tray and heavy shelves column 10 cm space.

3, put the layout: heavy shelves storeroom area is compared commonly big, generally contains a fire hydrant fire channel, building columns, pedestrian access security devices, such as planning should be fully considered, placement layout shelves, heavy shelves and access are finished by forklift truck operation demand, so there will be needs more channel between two rows of heavy shelves for forklift, forklift truck turning radius difference is very big different, also want to consider.

In design of heavy shelves, the above is baode dragon shelves strongly recommend you to consider, to ensure that the shelves in the later use better play to the effect.


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