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Heavy shelves must consider the purchasing for the first time

When choosing a heavy-duty storage shelves, as a small white or those in the first purchase that type shelf, baode dragon shelves remind it is important to note that these factors, avoid stepping on the pit!

Warehouse of bearing

Warehouse itself bearing level, the demand from the main backer or architects. This parameter is very important, if the ground bearing as long as one ton of warehouse, the shelf bearing selected 5 tons, the land subsidence deformation, or heavy will fall, even form a security incident. Don't only consider to save space is to build high shelves, consider the basic of high shelves register material weight.

The size of the goods

Storage shelves register material category and material of the container. Shelves of the scale of the bearing unit requirements and check equipment (steel pallet, plastic pallet, storage cage, box-type pallet, stacking frame), the scale of the storage shelves is designed according to the parameters of this equipment, but given the scale of the claim by rack manufacturer, rack manufacturer relative professional and technical personnel, the given shelf scale is quite reasonable.

Access factors

No matter choose attic shelves, shelves, heavy shelves, cantilever racking, or medium shelf, consider shelf access method. Now whether there has been a shelf access device (forklift, reclaimer, stacking machine), if have, need consider the radius of gyration of equipment, equipment dimensions as well as the equipment of various factors such as pickup height.

For the convenience of

Storage materials into form and register time delivery. In the warehouse may have different material and storage time, it needs to consider and outbound or in the form of check method, to find the real right, can reach a higher space utilization of warehouse shelves. If choose this kind of shelves, may also demand in certain loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow way, three-way forklift forklift, etc.

Shelf layout

Factory shelf layout. Many enterprise storage shelves of choose and buy when only concern to shelf space utilization, ignoring the logistics concept. Must pay attention to the liquidity shelves after construction material, because the layout is different, the scale of the shelves, bearing, loading and unloading equipment and so on various aspects may be different.

Other equipment

Form a complete set of electronic system. If money is enough, can consider to some equipment technical content is relatively high. Automated library, forklift directly picking system, car shelf, etc.

In storage and heavy shelves of choose and buy when, want to consider the above factors, not only should combine their own actual requirements and manufacturers to communicate, to buy for their products.


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