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Product Description of Botro Cantilever Rack

At present, the cantilever rack on the market have a confusing structure and varying quality. In order to meet the global market demand, Botro developed a new design of cantilever rack successfully, the features and advantages are as follows:

1. Compared to the previous design, the newly designed cantilever rack is delivered to the customer in four parts: the column, the integral base, the arm, and the bracing assembly. This greatly simplified the installation process and reduced installation costs.

2. The design of Botro cantilever racks refers to European standards. The arm can be flipped up and down, and each cantilever is fixed with a special galvanized safety pin, which makes it easier to dismantle and adjust the height. The arm connector is made of Q235 or above, and the thickness of type 300 or above is 6.0mm (while the thickness of similar products in the market is only 3.0-3.5mm), which makes the load capacity larger and the quality more secure.

3. Our cantilever rack base adopts an integral welded structure. Although the production process increases and the cost becomes higher, it is very strong and safe after welding. Other similar products in the industry are basically screwed together, which is a major safety hazard when the racks are high and the load is large.

4. For the connection between the column and base, we separately use two welded connecting plates to fix the base on the outside of the column. It is easy to install, and at the same time the load capacity and stability are more guaranteed. However, the column is directly connected to the base with screws in other similar products, which requires the hand to be inserted into the column during installation. The space is small and difficult to fix, which is a big safety risk.

5. Our bracing assembly are designed with round tubes and equipped with special ribbed connectors which meet the EU CE safety standards. The other products basically use angle steel connection, which is rough and easy to injure people. 

6. The cantilever rack models we developed are divided into: 200*60*2.0 light duty, 200*80*2.5 medium duty, 300*90*3.0/305*96*3.0 heavy duty, 350*96*3.5/410*96*3.5 super heavy duty. Each specification has material in stock, so there is no need to worry about the delivery date when the order quantity is small.

7. The surface treatment of our cantilever rack includes powder coating and hot-dip galvanizing, both are available.

8. Up to now, our cantilever racks have been exported to Australia, New Zealand, France, England, Netherlands, Germany and many other countries, and have been well received by our customers. The overall competitiveness of our products is pretty strong.


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