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The application of through type shelves and characteristics

Through type shelf features:

Through type shelf: it is a kind of not to channel segmentation, continuity of the whole shelves; Compared with the pallet rack, warehouse utilization rate can reach 80%, warehouse space utilization rate can increase by more than 30%, is the highest shelves in the storage efficiency. On the support guide rail, pallet storage according to the depth direction, followed by a. Investment cost is relatively low, be applicable to the lateral size is larger, less variety, quantity is more, are commonly used to store large quantities of the same type of goods, because of its large storage density of floor space utilization rate is higher, often used in cold storage, food, tobacco and the high cost of storage space in the warehouse. Into the racking system can achieve maximum storage density, space utilization rate up to 90%, effective area of utilization rate can reach more than 60%!

Through type shelf structure:

Columns, bracket, load beam, combination and into.

A, column: two columns are connected by A lateral brace, brace bolts, composite structure easy to tear open outfit. Beam can adjust the height 50 or 75 mm up and down for the unit. Column cross-section inertia is apart from the big, strong carrying capacity, strong shock resistance, etc, with the automatic punching before cold bending forming technology, completely avoided because of the pillar stress concentration may lead to crack of pillar failure situations..

B, bracket: fixed mold stamping molding, hang a tooth or lock screw fixed connection, such as force uniform carrying big advantages.

C, load beam: galvanized coil rolling forming, according to the thickness of bearing selection, reasonable structure, galvanized surface treatment is not easy to rust.

Through type shelf application:

Widely used in food industry, cold storage, cold chain logistics, and other fields.

Well versed in schematic shelves full of goods

Through type shelf access schematic diagram

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