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Factories use shelves generally have? How to choose?

Now, with rising land values, each factory warehouse area is more compact, rack of this time to choose what to choose? Baode dragon shelves just to tell you below:

We compared commonly common types are medium-sized shelves, heavy shelves, that is, pallet racks (beam type shelf), heavy shelves, we in the large business super such as metro supermarket shelves and ikea see is what we call heavy shelves, generally adopts beam type structure, access goods used forklift access, tray to put the goods, carrying compared commonly big, structure stability safety, put the goods also clear bright eye.

Heavy shelves generally length using plant tray * 2 + 300 mm length as design, highly designed according to the height of the forklift and warehouse, and not into the direction of the width according to the tray length minus 100 mm width design. Load requirements according to the two pallet load plus some reserved bearing design.

Medium-sized shelves with shelves in the warehouse for factories and metal warehouse, spare parts warehouse, use more shelves for commonly used in station, with the method of artificial access goods, parts box, for example, the placement of the cartons, we recommend using a medium shelf, medium shelf bearing is in commonly 200-500 kg design, beam + layer board design, simple structure, convenient installation, is a common type of shelf.

Factory with shelves generally USES more variety, in addition some factories according to different storage of goods, there are also using another type shelves, loft-style shelves, fluent type shelf, etc., as the shelves manufacturers we will according to the field measurements and customer needs to customize, to maximize storage requirements.


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