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Heavy warehouse goods characteristics and production technology

Introduction to the heavy warehouse shelves

By columns, beams, braces, brace and self-locking bolt assembly and become, can effectively prevent the bolt looseness caused after shelf instability; Beam generally adopts special cold rolling P type held beam; Special 3 fork hang card with column connection, equipped with L safety pin at the same time, can make sure the beams under impact force does not fall off; Layer board USES the international on the strip layer board, also can be directly put the tray at the same time use the shelf bearing capacity is strong, wear resistance, change is simple, low maintenance cost.

Heavy warehouse shelves for artificial, storage and retrieval of each layer standard effective carrying 800 kg - 2 tons. Suitable for warehouse inventory.

Heavy warehouse shelves

1, suitable for various industries, low cost, safe and reliable, simple assembly and disassembly, can be used alone, also can use the master, vice frame in the form of freedom.

2, the heavy warehouse shelves column by column, cross brace, brace to bolt connection; Column with P type of silent beam splice shelves framework, with safety pin fixation, simple structure and reliable; Steel layer board above the beam forming shelves as a whole. Each layer can be adjusted step 75 mm from the up and down.

3, heavy shelves can be as the beam size, the thickness of the layer board, to strengthen the number of decision layer load requirements, in the case of relative length and material requirements, the maximum load of 2500 kg/layer.

4, heavy shelves, under normal circumstances, the column height is not more than 12 meters, and build the attic shelf can be based on the shelves.

Heavy warehouse shelves production process

Heavy shelves of the specifications of the stud is: 55 * 47 * 2.0 mm is special shelves pillar profiles. Kaiping, automatic rolling mill is made of high quality steel strip after rolling, punch punch, according to the customer designated height cut off. Beam with cold-rolled p-type held beam, specifications are: 50 x 30, 40, 80 x 64 x 50 three kinds of specifications. Is a kind of cold bending industry specifically for shelf production standard products. According to customer's size after buying material, welding shelves connection special column, grinding can be formed semi-finished products.

Heavy shelves layer board is made of high quality pipes ((SPCC)) after kaiping, slitting, bending forming and welding stiffener.

Heavy shelves column, floor board after processed into semi-finished products, shot blasting derusting, coating can be carried out on oil removal.


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