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About heavy shelves size measurement should know this

As more and more widely used in the heavy shelves in the storage industry, purchasing is, the more customers, but many people face don't know how to choose appropriate corresponding heavy shelves, heavy shelves of the size and the selection of the following is the baode dragon shelves with everyone understand how heavy shelves size measurement:

Generally placed on heavy-duty storage shelves are mostly tray, so of the specifications of the heavy-duty storage shelves is normally according to the use of pallet size to decide. Normally heavy shelves two tray can be placed at each level, which is two goods, is not recommended to put three tray unless pallet size is small and placed in the pallets of goods is not beyond the tray. So we can calculate the shelves so long and wide, such as the size of the tray is a (1100 mm) * b (1200 mm), 1200 mm this side of the direction of the forklift access goods, here we entry direction or tray.

The height of the heavy shelves:

H = clear height of each layer d * n (layers) + top height 400 ~ 600 mm + beam height * n each layer clear height of d = position height + 200 mm; The 200 mm for forklift fork height, primarily to access goods efficiently; Beam height * n refers to the height of the beam itself material, need to count; Only top height reserved 400 ~ 600 mm can be.

Net long of heavy shelves,

(L) = 2 b + 3 * 1002 b for the length of the two tray (because direction into the fork is 1200 mm), 3 * 100 is each homework this 100 mm in the void space of the adjacent, mainly to take the goods convenient, improve efficiency.

Heavy shelves width:

W = a - mma (2 * 100) - (2 * 100) mm refers to the shelves should be less than the width of the pallet is 200 mm, the width of this design is to avoid forklift when homework because of can not be completely accurate operation, leads to dangling drop and cargo pallets, produce safe hidden trouble.

After above know measurement way, can get accurate data, and to choose suitable heavy shelves

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