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Selection into the racking you want to know in advance the!

Into the storage shelves, also called the through type shelf or existent shelves, is a kind of not to channel separating the whole type shelf, compared with the normal beam type shelf, reduced the forklift channel, make the utility ratio between higher. Compared with the other intensive shelves, form a complete set USES a forward heavy forklift forklift or equilibrium, the system cost is relatively low. How, then, into the type of storage shelves stop planning and design? Here add frame, to try to the choice of warehouse shelves must understand the following data:

Forklift truck model and parameter in detail:

After understanding the forklift's type and parameters to be able to know the depth of the forklift truck pick up the goods and the size of the forklift, which certainly unit into the type of the specifications of the storage shelves and the dimensions of the overall.

The goods in and out of the warehouse's instructions and requirements:

Also mentioned above, in fact, the goods in and out, in fact, the shelf design also took a scientific and reasonable method to know the goods in and out of the direction of the shelf placement planning effectively, to ensure that the shelves device can work twice.

Storage area construction condition:

Deep understanding of the various construction conditions of warehouse, including the ceiling beams, import and export of the fire hydrant and important in the warehouse. It to enter type storage shelves design reasonable reserved channel that facilitate access to goods and people in the future.

The net height of forklift improve height and warehouse for:

Into type storage shelves total height and effective check unit and forklift truck hoisting height and warehouse clear height, designers must understand to the user to the height of the warehouse forklift can enhance and measure the height of the customer's warehouse, warehouse.

Tray goods attribute (the size of the pallet and the size of the goods) :

Unit shelves design needs to consider the pallet load state, such as pallet size, weight, and at the bottom of the structure. And need to consider the size and weight of the pallet goods, it need to be done before the design clear measurement and budget


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