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What are the cantilever shelf of purposes

In many factories, warehouses and other places need to put the cargo on the arrival of the goods shelf, so easier to managers management products, goods, can be clear at a glance, but with the demand of the market, now there are many kinds of shelves, cantilever racking, beams, for example, heavy shelves, etc., then everybody when choosing shelves should be how to choose you need? Actually every kinds of shelf has its USES, baode dragon shelves today first to introduce you to the cantilever shelf what are the purposes.

Cantilever racking is more used to store the larger material, such as long or circular material or other irregular goods, the shelves of the columns are generally h-beam or cold rolled steel, more and more used in building materials market or need large cargo storage areas such as building materials plant. The bearing capacity of the cantilever racking is divided into light, medium, weight type three, depending on the bearing capacity, the purpose of the cantilever racking is different also.

Actually cantilever shelf utilization rate is higher, can give the factory or warehouse can save a lot of space, access to quite a ways, some places will also be the complementary with computer management and control, basically achieve the demand of modern logistics system. The cantilever shelf what are the purposes? In ordinary life, common ?

Well-known, the modern science and technology is developing rapidly and widely used, so the cantilever shelf can also be used for high or super a warehouse, and then to transport goods with some of the modern science and technology, and of course in many automated warehouse shelves is mostly used in the cantilever shelf.


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