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The advantages and disadvantages of the cantilever shelf

Cantilever racking is suitable for storing long and irregular goods. Protraction of the cantilever has light structure, good load capacity, and the length of the deposit is irregular or more special material, can greatly improve the efficiency of the utilization of warehouse and work. Increased shelf, is especially suitable for the space is little, low height of warehouse, convenient management, wide vision, compared with ordinary plate racks, utilization rate is higher. In the cantilever shelf cantilever racking is one of the important.

Cantilever racking advantages

1, the cantilever shelf series adopt modular, tear open outfit, transport, adjustment, mobile and other simple and convenient, safe and reliable.

2, the adjustable column, can according to the actual need to adjust the baffle spacing between clapboard increase or decrease.

3, can fully improve space utilization, make the warehouse material management standardization, standardization, and the stacker or forklift, can not only improve the efficiency of material circulation, reduce the storage and transportation costs, increase economic efficiency, and can enhance the mechanization level of material circulation, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions.

4, the length of cantilever shelves according to site situation, free combination.

Cantilever racking faults:

1, high requirements for construction site ground

2, high requirements for worker safety operation

3, can only store offered home-cooked

Cantilever racking is suitable for storing long or circular material, flat products, tubes and irregular goods. The cantilever can be single side or double side, the cantilever rack has stable structure, good load capacity, high space utilization, etc. Cantilever rack column using h-beam or cold rolled steel, cantilever with square tube, cold rolled steel or h-beam, cantilever and the pillar type, bolts or plug type connection between the base and pillar between the bolt connection type, base with cold rolled steel or h-beam.

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