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Cantilever racking production profiles with production process

The structure of the cantilever shelf:

Cantilever racking: adopting the special shaped column with high strength cantilever, is suitable for storing long or circular material, plate material and irregular shape etc. Forward the cantilever can be single or double sided, with light structure, carrying capacity good characteristic, single arm bearing up to 500 kg. Special reinforced column structure, which can be 2000 ~ 3000 kg under pressure. Design back increased shelf overall stability, and easy to install, complete accessories. Composite structure, special shaped column, the design back to increase stability, with high strength cantilever (arm can be single or double), with light structure, good load capacity, high space utilization; Added after the racks, especially suitable for the space is little, low height of warehouse, convenient management, wide vision, and pallet ?

The cantilever shelf generally USES two kinds of materials:

1, the party controls: cantilever shelves according to the requirements of the corresponding layer cantilever load, first selected to meet the requirements of layer load square tube, cut into need to size, in a welding antiskid plate, on the other side welding connection U stud connectors.

2, C payments production: cantilever shelves according to the requirements of the corresponding layer cantilever load, C payments of the specifications of the selected first, choose good after the two pieces of C steel butt welding, after welding is good in a head welding antiskid plate, welding to connect U stud connectors on the other side.

Cantilever shelf between column and column pills USES link rod, connecting rod generally USES rectangular controls. To increase the security and stability of the connection rod with a flat iron back pull to special column can be fixed tightly

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