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The attic shelf structure and the relationship between the safety

Attic shelves are usually two layer structure, the first layer of shelf part (can customize shelf type according to the demand), the second layer is a shelf or platform, there is also a multilayer structure, multi-tier rack is applicable to several manufacturing, such as hardware, auto parts and clothing. Due to the manufacturing industry, many different kinds of products, such as hardware, auto parts, etc., and there are many different kinds of products, storage shelves generally more troublesome, classification is not careful, so the attic shelf is more suitable for the manufacturing industry, if the enterprise through the fire inspection, not decided not to start operations. As for the warehouse, especially those of warehouses storing inflammable goods, he will be more strict fire. However, choose the attic shelf warehouse should have higher fire control requirements. After all, your fire will be ?

In warehouse logistics application, we can see all of the internal space is very clean and tidy, and more and more storage space to use all of the intelligent management system, and manual storage may cause certain omission or dangerous. Attic shelf is based on we lack basic storage, and within the limited space to develop more suitable storage space. This space is different from the weight of the whole storage space, not too heavy. Should give full consideration to the certain safety performance.

Inventory changes frequently goods cannot be on the attic platform. Even if very convenient use, but because of storage, will waste some time, unable to achieve a complete and efficient work. However, overweight goods is inappropriate. Although with ?

Here on the attic shelf under the security under the small make up again in detail:

Attic itself under the condition of the original at the bottom of the shelf is covered by a layer or two, the two layer can only be manually entered. Warehouse basic sufficient fire arrangement is to have a fire escape. First, must make sure that people can quickly find the fire channel, second, transport of goods. But fire equipment must be where everyone can see, 500 square meters warehouse need at least two fire extinguishers. If the area is increased, the number of fire extinguishers will naturally increase. Planar area is increased, it is not only the attic shelf, too. If your floor height increase, increase your storage area, then your fire equipment should also be increased in accordance with the same rules


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