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Electric structure and the advantages and disadvantages of moving shelf

Electric shelves as a effective way to enhance the warehouse space, in recent years, many have technical ability of shelves are stepping up research and development manufacturing factory, today, baode dragon shelves will take you to get to know the electric mobile racking up and its advantages and disadvantages:

Electric mobile racking of overview

Electric mobile racking system, mainly by the shelves, electric drive system, the layout is only one, very high space utilization, driven by motor carrying trolley, placed on the beams racking, cantilever racking, such as frequency control, shelf from start to brake are extremely stable, safety guaranteed. According to the orbit form is divided into what trackless trolley type type two kinds of structure.

The difference between the trolley type and trackless type:

Pieces of trackless type construction period shorter than rail type 7 days - 12 days

Mixer rail electric mobile racking system can make higher trackless type

Pieces of rail type bearing than trackless type is large, and lower cost

Pieces of rail type electric mobile racking system cost is cheaper

2. Electric mobile shelves

1, higher storage efficiency, less channels, access to goods do not need to find the channel;

2, can provide around * * choose sex;

3, simple structure, safe and reliable, power outages can be emergency mobile;

4, no chain rotation, more to save energy, more reliable structure

5, compared with the ordinary shelves, can improve the utilization of bottom 80%;

6, only reach forklift or balance forklift can use, and low requirements for forklift truck operation;

Electric mobile shelves faults:

Higher construction costs relative to average shelves, construction speed is slow.

3. Electric shelves scope of application:

Applied to need higher storage utilization sites, such as cold storage, archives, library, library, pharmacy and so on.


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