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Choose heavy shelves that it is important to note that time!

Many customers when choosing shelf is blind, don't know whether their warehouse conditions is suitable for using heavy shelves, let baode dragon shelves under the belt you know choose heavy shelves can't ignore the points:

1, the types of goods and the loading container; Using heavy shelves products stored in a tray and rack first commonly, as a warehouse shelves manufacturer, we usually need to know on pallet and the weight of the goods plus the height of the tray, in addition to this, we need to know the dimensions of a tray, then design the length of the shelf according to pallet size and depth; In procurement, choose aisle, you must understand these dimensions, suppliers to plan its shelf size.

2, goods delivery frequency; Certain industry may to the requirement of delivery frequency is higher, and that for purchasing when heavy shelves type selection is also very important, because of the different types of shelves meet delivery frequency is different;

3, loading and unloading equipment; Unlike artificial access of medium-sized shelves, heavy shelves carry heavier, normal shelf with forklift loading and unloading, and this requires buyers when buying goods shelves, need to inform warehouse shelves manufacturers, thereby planning shelves according to forklift parameters, such as aisle, etc.

4, warehouse ground load level; The Numbers need to be from main backer. This number is very important, if your warehouse ground bearing only 1 ton, shelf bearing five tons, the deformation of the ground subsidence or necessarily, heavy even collapse, cause safety accidents. Don't only consider high shelves in order to save space construction, consider the basic of high shelves storage material weight.

5, plant shelf layout; Many enterprises are under construction in shelf only focus on the shelf space utilization problem, ignoring the logistics concept. Must pay attention to the liquidity shelves after construction material, because the layout is different, the size of the shelves, bearing, loading and unloading equipment and so on various aspects may be different.


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