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Electricity use, loft-style shelves should be how to layout

In choosing a loft-style shelves as electrical use warehouse shelves, often need to consider more, storage space, efficiency, price, etc., below, by the baode dragon shelves to introduce about the layout of the electric commercial attic shelf what to do!

1. The attic shelf layout planning

Attic shelves on the layout to qualify for electricity customers logistics management level of refinement, planning scheme for communication and demonstrated repeatedly, such as new nanjing attic shelf among the former, best-selling attic shelf listed second, really matters listed in the attic shelf, as far as for unsold attic shelf columns. For faster access, and in the attic shelf idle or flood, how to adjust the location to ensure efficient delivery of goods and will need a detailed planning.

And electricity should be fully considered the warehouse operation flow and management process, as far as possible let the attic shelves of primary and secondary channel unobstructed, and ensure the correct flow of goods, in order to ensure the warehouse work not cause large channel blocking.

2. Selection of attic shelf

Attic shelves according to the function and the load can be divided into many types, such as the use which kinds of attic shelf, will be based on specific products such as size, type, weight to carry on the reasonable use, in any heavy or large goods storage, for example, the normal recommended heavy shelves, attic and item category is various, and less weight will recommend attic attic shelf, etc., or a combination of different kinds of nanjing attic shelf

3. The attic shelf design

Electricity business scope widely, might involve shoes clothes, cosmetics, household appliances, etc., such as for footwear products, design a partition, thereby preventing code into a different brand, shoes, cosmetics can classify design specific box, besides, still can design network, to prevent the goods fall off.

4. The cargo shipment

With the demand of electricity enterprise fast delivery, in addition to design hydraulic lift platform, can also add a slide, avoid the power failure to effect shipment.


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