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Through type with narrow shelves what are the main difference

Warehouse shelves of the species is numerous, shelves each style has its unique function and role, and there are a lot of the same place between shelves and shelves, also has the very big difference. Here are the baode dragon shelves to introduce the through type shelves and narrow differences.

Through type shelf, this shelf investment cost is low, aisle one with forklift truck operation channel, and the warehouse and space utilization rate is higher, the stock is bigger. On shelves for storing large quantities of quantities, within the same channel less items, and outbound low frequency items, or items within the same channel for the same batch outbound goods, is a typical advanced after out. When the item is more and each one small stock, not suitable for use through type shelf.

Narrow roadway racking: the narrow lanes forklift (three-way forklift) in the roadway within two side narrow lanes save, take the tray goods shelves. The narrow lanes of the forklift pallet fork has three to rotation and lateral function, so the channel and escrow forklift pallets of goods with a three-way rotation and lateral function, so the channel when goods in escrow tray forklift does not need to turn right, forklift truck operation channels generally only 1300 mm, shelf height is 15 m. As a result, the warehouse, and a higher space utilization.

The main difference between

1, the former forklift channel is narrow, the latter there is no specific forklift channel;

2, the first in first out, and the latter can only achieve each channel of the same batch fifo;

3, the former in forklift channel access to goods, the latter to into internal access goods shelves, low efficiency;

4, the former need special three-way forklift, the latter often match forward type battery forklift or counterbalance battery forklift;

5, the former higher requirements on the surface roughness.

6, the latter investment cost is relatively low.


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