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On shelves use the steel does not handle cannot little!

About the processing of steel shelves, shelf factory is a professional must be responsibility and attitude, just below the baode dragon steel shelves with everybody understand what steps need to pass before molding.

1, improve the quality of phosphating treatment before

Influenced by the temperature of pretreatment, especially heavy oil at room temperature degreasing effect is not good, become the key factor affecting the quality of pretreatment. To this end, switch to normal temperature defatted with dual function degreasing derusting process, in order to make up for the inadequacy of normal temperature degreasing. Room temperature degreasing agent to 40 g/L, TAL (total alkalinity) of 40 ~ 50 points, FAL (free alkalinity) of 25 ~ 30 point, normal temperature, 15 ~ 30 min (with the exception of oil).

2, filtering performance good phosphating agent

A shelf factory have tried several commercially available phosphating agent, because quality is not stable, and choose CZ99-03 room temperature zinc series phosphating agents, processing quality is obvious to improve the shelf, and stable production, and is quite popular with the manufacturers. CZ99-03 phosphating agent points A agent, promoter, neutralizing agent and so on. A agent (1) : d = 1.56 ~ 1.57 (28 ℃), TA = 820 ~ 830, FA = 110 ~ 120; With groove usage: A dose of 50 ml/L, neutralizer is 6.0 ~ 6.5 ml/L, promoter of 2.5 ml/L; Process parameters: TA = 30 ~ 40, FA = 2.5 ~ 4.0, accelerator l ~ 2 point gas, 20 ~ 30 ℃, 15 ~ 30 min. This agent has bath stability, wide range of processes, as well as good adjustability.

3, shelves, perfect the process

Cavity beam phosphating defects make the weld easy yellowing and cavity flow in the body, including yellow, this is caused by the process is not perfect. The solution is to adjust measures to local conditions to increase after acid neutralization process (in degreasing liquid instead of neutralization liquid) and closed after phosphating treatment (with washing after phosphating slot switch closed slot, directly after phosphating ultra-low chrome passivation 30 s), it's good for improve phosphating film corrosion resistance.


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