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What is the distinguishing feature of stepwise shelves

Stepwise shelves, stair is actually we usually say that the attic type shelf, and often in the majority with 2 or more than three layers of shelves, so we here said stepwise shelves, shelves on the second floor and above is refers to the attic type shelf.

Stepwise shelves to introduce

Usually use medium aside plate resting or heavy plate shelves as a major support and floor plate, floor plate usually choose cold-rolled steel floor, pattern steel floor or steel grille floor. Use cold rolled steel floor more in recent years, it has the bearing capacity of strong, integral sex is good, bearing good uniformity, high precision, surface smooth, easy to lock and other advantages. There are many types of optional, and easy to match the lighting system, access and management more convenient. Unit shelves each layer of the load is usually within 500 kg, usually from 2.2 m to 2.7 m floor spacing, top shelf height of 2 m or so commonly, give full consideration to staff the convenience of operation.

Stepwise shelves characteristics

1. Stepwise shelves can improve height, make full use of the storage level, better use of storage space

2. The stepwise shelves floor laid special floor, compared with the plate or just grating layer ability strong, integral sex is good, uniform, smooth, easy to lock, etc

3. The stepwise shelves give full consideration to the logistics of human nature, design beautiful, structure and easy. Convenient installation, disassembly, flexible according to field design

4. The stepwise shelves suitable for storing various types of goods

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