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About beam shelves installed these we want to know

Beam type shelf is one of the shelves, is mainly used in the warehouse, used to store the goods, to improve warehouse space use effect plays an important role, for its production quality is important, but reasonable and professional installation is necessary.

1, shelf general equipment and inspection, to ensure the quality and safety, promote technological progress, improve economic efficiency, set rules.

2, shelf equipment should be according to the diagram construction. When the construction have not found the scene or planning, shall be made in a timely manner and is approved before construction.

3, shelves in use in the equipment of all kinds of measuring and test equipment, instruments, meters and equipment shall be in accordance with rules of the national current measurement, the precision level is not lower than the equipment requirements precision level.

4, before the installation, in the project should be performed before the engineering shade inspection qualified rear can continue the construction.

5, shelf equipment should be self-checking. Shelf equipment construction, besides should be executed according to this specification, shall comply with the provisions of the state (professional) current specification.

At the time of installation of beam type shelf, the above items is need to pay attention to, such conducing to the installation of the shelves effect and the usage of late, convenient access to goods, to people's life provides a lot of help

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