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Pallet Rack



Heavy-duty pallet rack: height adjustable, with various types of forklifts or stackers, to achieve a variety of quick access, the maximum unit pallet capacity up to 5000kg, is the most commonly used storage methods in various industries.

  • Product introduction

1. Heavy-duty shelves are usually called: heavy beam shelves, heavy-duty tray shelves, high-dimensional shelves, etc.;

2. The materials are all made of Q235/SPCC steel; the overall structure is a combined assembly structure, each height can be adjusted up and down;

3. Widely used in large warehouses, logistics centers and workshops in all walks of life. It is the most widely used shelf type;

4. The heavy-duty shelf consists of: columns, cross braces, diagonal braces, beams, anti-collision feet, Crash barrier, tray backstops, tray supports, and more.

  • Main features

1, according to the use of the load and the height of the warehouse is designed to meet the requirements of the various specifications:

2, because the overall structure of the assembly type, disassembly is very flexible, according to any combination of the venue;

3, the surface is usually used fully automatic spray process, color customers can be arbitrarily selected, usually the column is blue (RAL5015), the beam is orange (RAL2004);

4,Column specifications include: 80*60*1.8mm, 80*60*2.0mm, 90*70*2.0mm, 100*70*2.0mm, 100*70*2.5mm, 120*95*2.0mm, 120* 95*2.5mm; Box beam specifications include: 80*50*1.5mm, 100*50*1.5mm, 120*50*1.5mm, 140*50*1.5mm, 160*50*1.5 mm, the maximum weight per unit shelf can reach 8000kg;

5. Heavy-duty racks need to be used in conjunction with high forklifts and pallets, and their space utilization is high.


  • Scope of application

It is suitable for large-scale warehouses, logistics centers, e-commerce warehouses, large-scale transfer warehouses, and factory workshops in all walks of life. It is mainly used for storing heavier products and is extremely widely used.

  • Case analysis and physical photos

This is a case of our large-scale logistics warehouse contracted by Nanjing Botro to build an electrical appliance group. The specifications are: L2700mm*W1000mm*H8500mm, design bearing capacity is 3000KG/layer, and each floor design two pallet positions, each position bearing 1500KG, using high-position electric forklift, with wood pallets, unit shelf up and down a total of 7 layers, each row of shelves between the channel is 2900mm, warehouse surface.A total of 5,000 square meters, a total design of 12,000 cargo spaces, customer use effect is very satisfactory.

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