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Pallet Rack



The radio shuttle pallet rack evolved from a drive in shelf, and a high-density storage system consisting of a shelf, a shuttle, and a forklift.


This kind of high-efficiency storage method is to increase the utilization of warehouse. Compared with the drive in rack, the operation in the laneway is replaced by a shuttle car to replace the forklift. The work efficiency is improved, the waiting time for the job is greatly reduced, the operation mode is flexible, and the cargo is accessed. The method can be first-in, first-out, or advanced, and the forklift does not have to enter the roadway, which reduces the chance of the forklift colliding with the rack and greatly increases the safety.

Inventory: The forklift will put the pallets with loading goods at the front of the rack lane guide rails. Through the remotely operated shuttle bus, it can carry the tray cargo on the rails;

Picking: The shuttle moves the pallets from deep to the front of the rack and removes the pallets from the rack with a forklift;

Mobile shuttle: The shuttle can be placed in different roadways through a forklift, and multiple roadways can share a shuttle. The number of shuttles is determined by comprehensive factors such as the depth of the roadway, the number of roadways, the amount of goods stored, the volume of shipments, and the frequency of shipments. Generally, 1,500 to 2,000 spaces are equipped with a shuttle bus. Shuttle racks can increase the utilization rate of the warehouse to more than 80% high-density storage. The shuttle can be operated continuously for 8-12 hours on a single charge. The no-load speed is 1m/s, the full-load speed is 0.8m/s, and the maximum load can reach 2 tons.

Shuttle racks also have some restrictions. The pallets used must direction is four-way enter. The pallet size should not be too large or too small. Generally, the 1200*1000mm is the best; the palletizing requirements of the goods are uniform and the variety of the goods is required. Should not be too much, such as chemical industry, tobacco industry, food industry.


Upright, adjustable feet, cross braces, row spacers, cross beams, bovine legs, shuttle tracks, infrared sensor baffles, parallel bars, tray limit blocks, forklift limit blocks, anti-collision column.





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