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Gravity Rack

Product Description

Accessories and goods are placed in a relatively high horizontal position on the gravity shelf. Due to the height difference of the gravity shelf, the accessories and goods will automatically slide to a lower position. Advanced first-out, high utilization, but high cost.

Gravity rack, also known as drum racks, are similar to shuttle cart racks in that they are replaced by drums instead of shuttles. Roller guides are fixed at an angle and fixed on the cross beam. The forklift lowers the tray from the high-end, and the tray slides down along the direction of the drum line with its own gravity. In order to control the steady decline of the tray, avoiding the infinite acceleration of the gravity, set every distance on the drum line. A damping wheel, to achieve the role of deceleration. The tray separator is located at the lower end to separate the two trays adjacent to the lowest end so that the lowest tray can be removed smoothly. 

Compared to the same type of rack, the utilization rate of the gravity type rack is higher than that of the push-in type shelf and lower than the through type shelf. 

The principle of "first-in, first-out" has been achieved. The safety and storage efficiency are the same as that of beam-type racks. The storage density is high, but the cost is high. It is suitable for high-frequency applications with few varieties and large storage.

Gravity rack composition: roller guides, rollers, uprights, cross braces, diagonal braces, crossbeams, tie rods, tray limit blocks, tray separators, damping theory, crash barriers.

Working Principle

Gravity shelves are equipped with roller devices on the shelves, and the slope is about 3 degrees. The weight of the goods is used to achieve the advancement of the goods. The pallets are automatically slid from the entrance to the other end of the goods. 

Main Features:

Gravity rack adopt first-in, first-out, and the dampers on the slides can ensure the safety of the goods; the storage density of the shelves is high and the space utilization is high, which is suitable for large-volume equivalent goods.

Rack Application:

Because gravity rack can reach the first-in first-out of goods, they are mainly used in occasions where the time difference of goods is high (such as the continuous supply of materials for the production line).

Gravity rack have many advantages, but should pay attention to the depth of the shelves should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the use of shelf space and reduce the safety of goods in the delivery process.


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