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Push-in Rack

Push-in rack are also called push-back racks. The rails are tilted and fixed at certain angles on the crossbeams. The trolleys run along the tracks. When the goods are stored, the forklift pushes the pallets into the roadway and puts them on the trolley, which will be filled in later.

It will push the original back, currently pushing up to 4 trays. The trolley rides on the track with the casters, the track itself has a certain degree of inclination, and the trolley automatically slides toward the front entrance. The overall structure adopts the “elastic clip” principle. The tray is placed on the carrying cart and pushed into the inside of the rack in turn. The access method is similar to the through-type rack, but the forklift does not need to enter the inside of the rack lane.  The direction of the shelf depth can be designed to be multiple Tray location, space utilization of pressed-in racks is higher than that of ordinary shelves, safety and storage efficiency are higher than through-type shelves, and are widely used in cold storage, electronics, tobacco and other industries.

The disadvantages of push-in racking: The first-in, first-out storage cannot be achieved, and shelf height is not suitable for aisle

Push-in rack structure: pillars, cross braces, braces, beams, rails, trolleys, crash barriers.

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