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Mobile Rack

Product Introduction:

1. Mobile racking system are made of shelves that can be used to move back and forth;

2, mobile racking system are usually divided into two categories: A, manual mobile shelves, B, electric mobile shelves;

3, shelf and base materials are all made of Q235/SPCC steel ; shelf part is a combination of assembled structure, each height can be adjusted up and down, the base for the motor control, remote control can be equipped with remote control;

4, mobile rack composition includes: shelves (pillars, cross braces, diagonal braces, beams, row spacers, laminates, side closures, back nets, back panels, etc.), base, mobile trolley, electronic control systems, rails, remote control.

Main Features

1, can save space compared to conventional fixed shelves, can save half the space, only one channel is required for operation:

2, whether manual mobile shelves or electric mobile shelves, the use of the work efficiency is very high;

3, according to the customer to store different products can choose manual mobile shelves or electric mobile shelves;

4, can also be used with a forklift;

5. The cost of such shelves relative is relatively high to conventional storage racks , and customers should be psychologically prepared when they choose.



Suitable for all walks of life, such as aerospace, aviation, electronics, metallurgy, textile, mining machinery, shipbuilding, transportation, civil aviation and other areas of the use of storage space requirements are relatively high, while the financial strength of the unit.


Referenced Cases

The following are two different types of engineering cases undertaken by our Nanjing Botro Storage Equipment Co,Ltd. The former is a case of manual mobile racking, and the latter is a case of electric mobile racking.



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