pallet racking system
pallet racking system

What Is Pallet Racking System

There are many varieties of pallet racking, the convential selective rack is the most common type, which is lowest cost pallet
racking solution and allows access to every pallet ensuring optimum stock rotation. Forklifts are usually required to place the
loaded pallets onto the racks for storage.

Botro racking provide good quality heavy-duty teardorp America rack or Diamond hole rack,and these systems provide complete
storage selectivity and easy access to products, which improves the efficiency of supply chain management.

Different Kinds Of Pallet Racking System

Pallet Racking System Structure

The components of selective industrial pallet rack: posts, diagonals, and horizontals on screws, the beams are hinged with hooks
and secured with clamps.
The column has two rows of holes, the pitch of the holes is 75mm and 76.2mm. Therefore, the beams can be adjusted up and
down by 75 or 76.2mm.Additionally practical accessories such as support bars, steel decking, wood shelf, wire mesh decking, etc.
And it is easy to install to meet the required storage of different goods.

Pallet Racking System Advantages

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  • Save Money
    Selective storage pallet racking is the lowest cost warehouse storage solution, allowing access to every pallet ensuring
    optimum stock rotation and has accessories available to expand and enhance storage options.
  • High Quality
    Cost-effective pallet rack shelving is compatible with a wide range of standard materials handling equipment.And could be
    used anywhere from small warehouses to large distribution centers.

Pallet Racking System Files Download

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FAQs For Pallet Racking System

  • 1.What is the normal size of pallet used for pallet racking?
  • 2.What is the heavist load capacity of beam?
    160bk,length L2300, load capacity 5.5tons
    160bk,length L2700, load capacity 4.7tons
  • 3.What is your MOQ?
    We also accept small volume order,our MOQ is 10tons.
  • 4: Are samples available?
    Yes. Short sections of samples could be provided, they are free of charge, but
    international courier costs are to be bear by clients.
  • 5.If your quotation covers connecting accessories?
    Yes, it is. It is including the bolts and nuts,safety pin,plastic block.
  • Process You Can Follow

    1.Client talk demand details with sales
    2.Sales submit technical handover to engineer
    3.Thechnical engineer offer the design drawing and price to sales
    4.Sales sort out the quotation and drawing to client
    5.Client received and talk the details with sales,then conclude a transaction price acceptable to both parties.
    6.Client place the order
    7.Production technicians place an order to the factory within 3 days
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