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  • Steel platform is one of our star products,it can be customized to meet your specific needs,


    As a company with 18 years of storage rack manufacturing history and 22 years of experience in the industry, Botro Racking is dedicated to one-stop service for the design, manufacture and installation of all kinds of commissionable assembly storage racks, cantilever shelving, through shelving, elect Read More
  • Freely Moving | Electric Mobile rack


    Have you ever been disappointed by the crowded and dull traditional warehouse? Now, we bring you an outstanding innovative rack solution - electric mobile racking. It will provide you with an unparalleled warehousing experience by integrating cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship. L Read More
  • Break the storage limit!


    VNA racking system, one of the high density storage racking system, have a narrow aisle design, it can make the storage capacity 30% higher than conventional pallet rack. VNA racking only can pass special forklift- lateral and front forklift, it can maximize the use of warehouse space by accessing g Read More
  • Drawer rack, make you storage more efficient


    Drawer racking, also called mold racking, this unique racking system with drawer design on each level is equipped with a track at the bottom so that the drawers on each level can still be pulled easily when fully loaded. In addition to storing mold items, it is also suitable for various items that a Read More
  • Easy Access - Choose the Mezzanine Floor Rack


    With the rapid development of the logistics equipment industry, the technical content and precision of the shelf system are getting higher and higher, the structure is getting more and more optimized, the variety is more and more complete, and the adaptability is getting wider and wider. At the same Read More
  • How to choose racks to maximize storage efficiency?


    The storage rack maximizes the use of warehouse space, expands the storage capacity of the warehouse, and makes the turnover of goods more convenient and smooth. At the same time, the storage rack has a strong bearing capacity and is not easy to deform, which has played an important role in the deve Read More
  • Short Storage, Cargo Rotation—Carton Flow Rack


    Carton flow rack generally equipped with roller aluminum alloy and sheet metal and so on. The fluent strip forms an inclination, and the goods are placed at the high end. Due to the action of gravity, the goods will automatically slide down to the low end of the fluent strip, realizing first-in-firs Read More
  • Material Selection and Structure Standards for Storage Racks


    Storage racks are more and more widely used in warehouses due to their various structural forms, flexible storage types, and the ability to take into account both storage and work. Most storage racks will use cold-rolled steel according to the load- capacity requirements, and we will use hot-rolled Read More
  • High Density and Efficiency—Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking


    According to the rapid development of modern industry, storage racks have played an important role in logistics activities. On basis of saving cost and improving efficiency, it is becoming more and more important to use warehouse space effectively. Different industries and diversified cargo conditio Read More
  • A good warehousing storage solution can improve the overall operation speed of enterprises.


    With the rapid development of various industries, storage racks' technology is becoming increasingly advanced, and multiple racks are constantly updated. Storage racks have become an important tool for enterprises to improve operational efficiency. Modern warehousing plays a significant role in the Read More
  • A push back rack in cooperation with Starbucks Coffee


    This project is a push back rack in cooperation with Starbucks Coffee, one of the world's top 500 companies, for material turnover warehouses. As a derivative design of conventional pallet racking, push-back racks not only follow the load-bearing characteristics of heavy-duty pallet racks but also m Read More
  • Advantages of cantilever racking


    Cantilever racking is a very common type in modern storage systems, mainly consisting of columns, base and arms.The difference between it and conventional pallet rack is the arm that could extend forward, which makes it more specialized in sorting placement of long goods and irregular goods, and can Read More
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