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  • How to choose right mezzanine rack for your warehouse?


    In all ways of life, in order to improve warehouse space utilization, the users will give priority to mezzanine rack between all different types of racking system. Now, let's discuss with you how we can choose the right mezzanine rack:Prerequisites for Choosing Mezzanine Rack1. Usually, the customer Read More

  • Pallet Racking-Best Choice for Large Warehouse Storage


    Pallet Racking is a professional and conventional warehouse racking system for pallet access, usually the loading capacity is 800-5000kg per level, and each unit can store 1-3 pallets per level.The structure of heavy duty Pallet Racking is simple and easy to install. Read More

  • Storage mold racks improve warehouse efficiency


    How to improve the efficiency of the warehouse has always been a headache for warehouse managers. First of all, we must see the essence of the problem. What is efficiency? Efficiency refers to the amount of input and output of certain labor elements. High efficiency refers to the input and output of Read More

  • Botro Racking New arrival-electronic mobile pallet rack


    · WHO COULD CHOOSE THE ELECTRONIC PALLET RACK?1. Who has the restriction of the warehouse area, the storage capacity per unit area can be increased to about 2 times than the pallet rack,and one channel is enough. 2. Who needs directly deposit and withdraw each item without being subject to the first Read More

  • Composition and characteristics of Carton flow rack


    Carton-flow is a gravity-fed and manually order pick system, designed to increase efficiency while decreasing the floor space required. Ideal for businesses with a large number of unique items that picked in small quantities.Detail usage instructions: the plastic rollers need to have a certain angle Read More


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