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Break the storage limit!

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VNA racking system, one of the high density storage racking system, have a narrow aisle design, it can make the storage capacity 30% higher than conventional pallet rack. VNA racking only can pass special forklift- lateral and front forklift, it can maximize the use of warehouse space by accessing goods at multiple angles without significant movement. By using narrow aisle racking, more goods can be stored in the original space, thus increasing storage density and saving valuable warehouse space.


1. Guarantee the safety of good.

VNA racking are made of high quality materials and advanced technology to ensure the stability and safety of the shelves while storing at high density. Our racks undergo strict testing and quality control to meet international standards, providing the most reliable security for your goods.


2. Save capital expenses.

As the aisles between racks become narrower, more goods can be stored in the same warehouse area. For the same goods storage, narrow aisle racking can help save money on storage.



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