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Composition and characteristics of Carton flow rack

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Carton-flow is a gravity-fed and manually order pick system, designed to increase efficiency while decreasing the floor space required. Ideal for businesses with a large number of unique items that picked in small quantities.

Detail usage instructions: the plastic rollers need to have a certain angle, the principle is to use the goods of their own weight, from one side enter, the other side is picking, the enter side should be higher than the picking side, the goods under gravity slide down, carton flow rack usually first-in-first-out, and can achieve a replenishment, multiple picking.

Advantages: this kind of shelf storage efficiency is very high, the item access efficiency is 5-10 times the ordinary shelf, and save space, reduce the use of forklift to reduce the use of cost, security, avoid damage to the goods, while no smell, environmental protection, energy With electronic tags, to achieve easy management of goods.

The application of fluent shelves is very extensive, mainly applicable to warehousing distribution center, a variety of factory assembly workshop, manufacturing industry, involving pharmaceutical plants, auto parts factory, car OEM, electric storage center and so on.

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