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Freely Moving | Electric Mobile rack

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Have you ever been disappointed by the crowded and dull traditional warehouse? Now, we bring you an outstanding innovative rack solution - electric mobile racking. It will provide you with an unparalleled warehousing experience by integrating cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship. Let's explore together the beauty of this magnificent technology that leads the luxury warehousing era!


The elegant charm of effortless mobility:

The electric mobile racking uses advanced electric drive systems to gracefully move around the warehouse and automatically stops when it detects people. With just one aisle, it can easily handle the storage and retrieval of goods. It is not just a shelving unit but also a glamorous performance in warehousing, bringing you unprecedented dignity and convenience.


A dazzling stage for customized displays:

The electric mobile racking also offers display functionality, cleverly arranging different products based on their unique characteristics. Whether it's storing goods in large warehouses or enhancing the overall image of a company, our shelving units can be personalized and customized according to your taste and needs. This provides a delightful experience during practical work and when welcoming customers for visits, negotiations, and collaborations.

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Space-saving and efficiency-boosting:

The flexibility of the electric mobile racking layout not only maximizes warehouse space utilization but also facilitates the display and selection of goods. Compared to traditional fixed shelving, our shelving units can be adjusted according to actual needs, optimizing space utilization through placement optimization. This creates the ultimate storage space, greatly improving warehousing management efficiency while saving manpower and resources.


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