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How to choose right mezzanine rack for your warehouse?

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In all ways of life, in order to improve warehouse space utilization, the users will give priority to mezzanine rack between all different types of racking system. Now, let's discuss with you how we can choose the right mezzanine rack:

  • Prerequisites for Choosing Mezzanine Rack

1. Usually, the customers' warehouse or workshop area is relatively small, and the effective net height is relatively high (H=4500mm or more);

2. There are relatively many types of product that customers need to store; the weight of the product is relatively small, and the load-bearing capacity of each layer is usually below 500Kg;

3. The storage operation is mainly manual.

  • Program Design

1. Under the premise of the height of the warehouse, refer to the customer's requirements and the overall capital budget investment to determine the selection of several layers of mezzanine rack, usually: two-layer, three-layer etc.

2. According to the comprehensive requirements, choose the most reasonable and economical material specifications to make the solutions more competitive;

3. The engineer will use the corresponding drafting software to make a complete layout and renderings of the warehouse to show to the customer.

Mezzanine Rack (1)

Mezzanine Rack (2)


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