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Pallet Racking-Best Choice for Large Warehouse Storage

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Pallet Racking is a professional and conventional warehouse racking system for pallet access. Usually the loading capacity is 800-5000kg per level, and each unit can store 1-3 pallets per level.

The structure of heavy duty Pallet Racking is simple and easy to install, and its main parts has upright frame and beam. 

Various safety protection parts are optional.

This type of racking requires forklift pickup and is suitable for many categories and SKUs.

Pallet racking has many derivative racking types, such as drive-in rack, gravity rack, mobile racking system, radio shuttle rack, VNA racking system and rack clad warehouse.

The wide range of designs allows pallet racking to meet different needs for heavy-duty loads, which also making it the first choice for large warehouse storage.

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